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Dark Empire is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (100)
Frost (100)
Unholy (100)
Balance (100)
Feral (100)
Restoration (100)
Beast Masters (100)
Marksmanship (100)
Survivalists (100)
Arcane (100)
Fire (100)
Frost (100)
Holy (100)
Protection (100)
Retribution (100)
Discipline (100)
Holy (100)
Shadow (100)
Assassination (100)
Combat (100)
Subtlety (100)
Elemental (100)
Enhancement (100)
Restoration (100)
Affliction (100)
Demonology (100)
Destruction (100)
Arms (100)
Fury (100)
Protection (100)

Hey Guys! Welcome!

  We have a great guild here guys. Thanks to everyone for sticking it out! Lots of new and exciting things to come! After our officers meeting we have plans to start implementing games and rewards for guildies! We would like to get everyone involved so be on the look out for a lottery coming soon. Also we will have weekly winners for guild contribution, everyone's favorite prize gold!

Who would like to be a part of an Arena team? I has come up and we have decided to create one! Please send Gloriselde your bid for a position on the team (just like the way that sounds, just let her know you are interested). 

And we have a contest brewing for the guildie who can come up with the coolest Guild Event. Gnome Darts is taken, sorry guys I know it sounds like a fun event, Gnomeo is planning that one!

Weekly PVP events to come as well.  Gnomeo thought it would be a great idea to help the young PVPers learn to be better. 

Once again thanks for all your hard work and dedication. We are so much better because you guys are a part of it!  

     Dark Empire will not be held responsible for any injury as a result of overplaying, furthermore we cannot accept blame for any obsession or infatuation caused by being exposed to the sexy tanking style of Gnømeø. It will be understood that any misuse or reproduction of all orders handed down by the Ebon Queen, without express written consent will be met with disciplinary action up to and including castration. Please play responsibly. Dark Empire is a subsidiary of Gwennco, all rights reserved. 

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Poll Question Close Date
What Event should we do next? Winner: "Gnome Darts" 4 weeks, 1231 days ago
What night would be best for you for Raiding? Winner: "Any night of the week is good" 4 weeks, 1235 days ago
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Other Guild News

First Cata Heroic Down

Mr.Podave, Jul 28, 11 1:35 PM.
We downed our first cata heroic last night Vortex Pinnacle only two wipes on last boss(damn static cling) but we did it!. Thanks Alex, Gwen, Juan Pablo, and Lara for her epic heals!!! Oh and me I was there too LOL. It was fun a challenge but do able.

Also we are close to dinging 13 should happen this week woot!
Shout Box not working for me for some reason is it full? LOL

PvP Friday's(weekend)

Mr.Podave, Jul 19, 11 11:15 AM.
Starting this week Dark Empire will have weekly PvP weekends we can do randoms or the call to arms or both. Will we die a lot yes but it will be fun cause if we use vent and stay grouped up we're gonna piss the horde off and it will take all of them to pwn us. LOLOLOLOL

Facebook, not just a book of face's.

Mr.Podave, May 13, 11 2:49 PM.
Here's the link to the guilds Facebook Group/Page....thingy-bobber come join us and get to know your fellow guildie.....if you dare. 

Level 6!!!

Gloriselde, May 10, 11 3:54 PM.
We are ALMOST there!

Raid Sunday 8 PM Server time

Gloriselde, Apr 29, 11 5:22 AM.
Blackwing Lair! Last Raid for the guild cheeve! Look forward to raiding with you guys!
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